The platform for children's parties

Arranging children’s parties from A to Z

At Yoepie it is possible! The platform now has 800+ suppliers and 3500+ children’s parties spread throughout the Netherlands. On top of that, Yoepie is also a marketplace offering all the essentials to make a children’s party complete. From treats to bouncy cushions to decorations.

The assignment

Yoepie came to us with a name and a goal: to become the place where supply and demand come together for children’s parties. It also had to offer all the facilities needed for the best children’s parties.


After several sessions, we found out what Yoepie’s higher goals and deeper values are. We also conducted extensive market research and looked at opportunities. After these two processes, we started working on a comprehensive branding concept.


Playful, yet professional

Yoepie is a platform which is all about children. The branding needed to reflect this. Yet the target group we need to attract is the organisers of these children’s parties. So it was important to offer a familiar look in addition to the playful look. This was done by keeping abstract yet fluid shapes, combined with an inviting colour palette and clean, confident typography.


HEX: #7676FF

RGB: 118, 118, 255

CMYK: 54, 54, 0, 0


HEX: #FF9700

RGB: 255, 151, 0

CMYK: 0, 41, 100, 0



RGB: 255, 221, 136

0, 13, 47, 0


Poppins Black

Body tekst

Poppins Regular


Turning ideas into visual concepts

Platform realisation

After the branding became final, we started developing the platform. The brand book was accurately adopted into the web design, from there we started building with the latest techniques.

The frontend is down with the javascript framework Next.js. This solution ensures ultimate speed and the SPA (Single Page Application) experience. Without SEO suffering.

Average 98+ Google Lighthouse scores across the platform, including on mobile


Mediabirds has brought my platform for children’s parties, Yoepie, to life, from branding to development. And what a treat it is to work with Mediabirds because of their professional approach, proactive attitude and willingness to always help when needed. I cannot imagine a better agency and am delighted to have them as a partner by my side.

Masja Brayer | Founder and owner


We built from the ground up a leading brand with a large platform, ready to grow into the market leader in the children’s party industry. The platform has been attracting many partners since its recent launch and is growing by the day.

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