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Pack your world with fun with Packaging Materials


Packaging Materials


In production

Your reliable partner for packaging materials

Packaging Materials is a new packaging materials supplier that is going to do everything a little differently. The approach is to bring fun to packaging, with a smile and a wink.

De opdracht

Packaging Materials is een nieuw bedrijf, dat de verpakkingswereld wilt veranderen. Het kan leuker en met een knipoog. Aan ons de taak om dit neer te zetten. We moesten de branding vanaf de grond opbouwen, er was alleen een naam. Vervolgens moest dit doorvertaald worden naar een grote en schaalbare webshop.


After several sessions, we found out what the higher goals and deeper values are of the people behind the startup. We also conducted extensive market research and looked at opportunities. After this process, we started working on a comprehensive branding concept.


A unique position in the market

It had to be different from its competitors. Where the packaging world can look overcrowded and boring, Packaging Materials wanted to fill a gap. By transforming their services and products into something fun. Fun, energy, personal and efficient are important core values that the branding should breathe. This is why choices like the smiley face and the bright yellow colour, among others, were made.



RGB: 238, 255, 0

CMYK: 7, 0, 100, 0


HEX: #001F23

RGB: 0, 31, 35

CMYK: 100, 11, 0, 86

Light grey

HEX: #F2F2F2

RGB: 242, 242, 242

CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 5


Roboto Condensed Bold

Body tekst

Roboto Regular


Turning ideas into visual concepts

Webshop realisation

After the branding had become final, we started developing the webshop. Based on the brand book, we started the design phase.

The shop’s offer works with parent-child relationships. This means that categories can be hung under categories as deep as needed. At the front end, users can easily navigate to the specific category they are looking for.

For each category, a custom filter system can be configured via the CMS. This allows the filters at the front end to match the product group exactly.

Using A/B testing, we optimised the process through the webshop. From a visual mega menu, to the multi-step checkout.

Every detail counts to maximise conversion rates.


From nothing, we built a brand with a webshop that stands like a house and is ready to grow into a market leader in the packaging market. Since its recent soft-launch, the webshop has attracted multiple partners and is growing by the day.

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