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Because we host all our customers’ websites in the Google cloud, we ensure the fastest and most reliable hosting in the world. By default, our hosting has a CDN layer so your web application is even more secure and loading speeds are equally fast anywhere in the world. When you decide to host your website with us, we integrate and optimise caching, allowing your visitors to experience unprecedented loading speeds.

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Maintenance & support

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If you choose to let us maintain your website, you are assured of optimal performance. We report monthly on performance, search engine rankings and security scans. In addition, we perform monthly updates to ensure that the web application remains up-to-date.

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Thanks to Mediabirds, my company 24NANNIES has a website that perfectly matches our desire to bring our clients and employees together in the best possible way. I am very happy with the result and the super-fast cooperation. The people from Mediabirds only needed two words to understand what we had in mind, which resulted in a super fast and effective cooperation. Thanks to their knowledge, our website is now fully equipped and contains useful components that we had never thought of, resulting in super fast loading times.

Marleen van Doremalen, founder 24NANNIES

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