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We analyze visitor behavior, improve usability and solve obstacles to get more out of existing traffic.


Higher conversion, more sales



UX research

Usability testing



The foundation of conversion optimisation

Comprehensive analytics are indispensable in conversion optimisation. At Mediabirds, the focus is on collecting data on how visitors interact with your website or webshop. We use advanced tools to understand visitor behaviour, to see where they drop out and which paths they follow. These insights help us identify bottlenecks and opportunities, laying the foundation for further optimisation.




UX research

Understanding the user

In UX research, end-users are at the centre, where we focus on both their functional and emotional needs. This understanding of user behaviour is crucial for optimising conversion. We observe and analyse how users interact with the interface, correct assumptions and identify problems that are not always clearly expressed. In this, we create user personas and segmentation, ultimately leading to increased user satisfaction and engagement.

Usability testing

Refining the user experience

With usability testing, we test the usability of your website. We conduct various tests, including A/B testing and user testing, to see how real users experience the website. This allows us to collect feedback directly and use it to improve the interface and interactions on your website. This ensures that your site is not only attractive, but also functional and easy to use.


Optimising for conversion

After gathering insights from the analysis, UX research and usability testing, comes the time when we implement changes. We implement changes aimed at improving conversion rates. This can range from redesigning web pages and improving navigation to refining content and call-to-actions. Our approach is always data-driven and user-centric, constantly optimising for the best performance and user experience.

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