Contronics is the market leader in air humidification

Contronics makes mist

Contronics is the market leader in ultrasonic humidification: Dry Misting. This innovative technology envelops fresh produce in a blanket of mist, keeping it fresh for up to 50% longer. This helps reduce waste and ensures optimal product quality.

The brief

The brief was to design a new version of the site that was more visually appealing and friendly, consistent with the new visual identity marking a new moment for the company.


The solution

To solve the problem, we carried out a thorough overhaul of the website. We started with a fresh and contemporary design that blended seamlessly with Contronics’ new visual identity.


Brand recognition through colours & typography

To build the visual style of the project, we reduced the brand’s colour palette to three colours that match the company’s values and contribute to a recognisable and professional look.

We chose the Montserrat font for its high readability and professional look.

Dark green

HEX: #10110D

RGB: 16, 17, 13

CMYK: 0, 0, 2, 93


HEX: #ABC863

RGB: 171, 200, 99

CMYK: 11, 0, 40, 22



RGB: 250, 250, 250

CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 2


Montserrat Bold

Body tekst

Montserrat Light

Website implementation

A sleek &
minimalist design

95+ Lighthouse score, also on mobile

Clarifying the problem as well as the solution

Interactive timeline to convey the history of Contronics

Contronics is global and we radiate that

Product activation through videography


“Very happy with the cooperation with Mediabirds. Designed and built a completely new website for Contronics in a short time. Fast from start to finish, pleasant contact and professional project guidance.
And most importantly, a beautiful end result. Definitely recommended!”

Isabelle Spierings | Marketing & Communication


We transformed an outdated brand identity into a contemporary, coherent look and feel. The highlight was seeing the positive impact on Contronics, including better recognition and customer attraction.

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