User Experience Design (UX)

Every day our UX specialists are working on optimizing the user experience. Research plays a major role in this, because only through deep interest in the brand, the customer, the problem to be solved and the user is it possible to achieve sustainable improvements.

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What is a UX Design?

UX is a process where we define, analyze and research, design, implement, evaluate and optimize. In reality, UX is a (learning) process and not an end result. At Mediabirds, we know exactly how to define this for your organization.

We believe that teamwork is an important aspect of UX. Therefore, we achieve stunning results by working closely with our developers, designers, marketing experts, copywriters and project managers.

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How we deploy UX

We start by defining the project, doing research and making various analyses. Based on this we create a design, which is followed by the implementation of the design, evaluation and optimization. After launching the website or web application, our UX specialists monitor and investigate whether the objectives are being realized and whether the user experience is actually being improved. We do this by means of A/B testing, among other things.

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Benefits of a UX design

A design that is created using UX has many advantages. For example, UX increases the chance of conversion, ensures efficiency and better organic findability (SEO) and improves customer satisfaction. Of course, it is also of added value to know the purpose for which you are developing the website, for whom you are developing it, and what your target audience needs.

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