We are engaged daily in the design and branding of exceptional brands. All with one goal: growing online. That may mean more sales, but it may also mean attracting more attention from your target audience. We have our own methods to determine your brand identity and develop a fitting branding for it. This is the basis for a digital strategy that is effective.

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Defining Brand Identity

To come to a unique and distinctive branding we start with a thorough (market) research. We also spar about this during various brainstorming sessions and conduct interviews with the staff of the organization. We believe that the staff makes the organization. Once we have determined the brand identity, we can move on to the branding process.

Merkidentiteit bepalen

Brand characterization

Once we’ve determined the brand identity, we’ll start characterizing the brand. Why do we characterize a brand? People make decisions on emotions. Everyone conveys a message in a different way. By characterizing the brand it is clear how the organization wants to profile itself, both internally and externally. We do this, among other things, using the 12 Archetypes of Mr. Jung.

12 Archetypes from mr Jung

A catchy (re)branding

The branding of an organization is the basis of its online success. We ensure that your brand identity is translated into a matching corporate identity. We take into account the psychology behind different colors, shapes and lines. Ultimately, in addition to a unique logo and icon, we deliver a complete corporate identity that allows us to optimally begin the next phase: the user experience design.


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