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Koelemeijer Schilderwerken

Successful rebranding to generate more leads

Schildersbedrijf website bouwen
Schildersbedrijf website bouwen

Starting point

When we started working together, the goal was clear: Koelemeijer Schilderwerken wanted to strengthen their identity and online presence to generate more leads. To achieve this, we found out the brand identity. A new corporate identity was then developed to better communicate the brand to the outside world. Finally, this new corporate identity was implemented in a custom-made website with a configurator to calculate costs. Thanks to this collaboration, Koelemeijer Schilderwerken now has a clear and professional online presence that helps generate more leads.

Schildersbedrijf website bouwen

Fresh, modern and accessible

To create a fresh, modern and accessible corporate identity, we first researched Koelemeijer Schilderwerken’s brand identity. We looked at the target group, the competition and the company’s unique selling points. We then developed several concepts and tested them using feedback from the Koelemeijer Schilderwerken team and a number of representative target groups. Ultimately, we refined the corporate identity into a visually appealing and consistent whole that fits Koelemeijer Schilderwerken’s brand identity while appealing to its target audience. The new house style is fresh, modern and accessible, creating a professional and confidence-inspiring image.