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Multilingual job filtering to fill vacancies more efficiently


About the cooperation

24NANNIES is one of the largest nanny agencies in Europe and Dubai. They offer a high end nanny service for companies and individuals. The organisation has been growing rapidly for several years. 24NANNIES needed a more exclusive look in the web design and an optimal user experience. The old website was cluttered and performed below the level that the organisation strives for in its services.

We saw many opportunities in the area of search engine optimisation (SEO). The initial objective was to fill more vacancies and to generate more applications organically. We also optimised the user experience by rearranging the website for the visitors: nannies, families and companies. This way, visitors find what they are looking for faster (UX).



By means of interviews and various brainstorming sessions, we mapped out the needs of the organisation. In the web design, we used the colour purple to give the website a more exclusive look. We chose to use clean lines and corners. We have also chosen for one kind of header.

In the design, we chose to use the cloud from the logo as a form language. We also wanted to display reviews and logos of clients. Above the footer, we chose to place an Instagram-grid, which is linked to the Instagram-page of 24NANNIES.


Functionalities of the website

We divided the visitors into three groups: nannies, families and companies. By choosing to develop a landing page for these three groups of visitors, visitors are able to find what they are looking for more quickly. On these landing pages, they can see related pages clearly by means of a grid. This grid can be easily adjusted from the backend of the site. One can play with heights, widths, texts, images and buttons.

The main purpose of the multilingual website is to fill vacancies. For 24NANNIES we have built a filter function in the vacancy page, with which visitors can easily search by job title. In the backend of the site, categories can be assigned per vacancy. In this way, visitors can retrieve related vacancies faster.