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Bloom Heathrow London

Informative website with switch for the different visitor groups


The project

We were asked to develop a new website for Bloom Heathrow in London, as part of their branding. The organisation, formerly known as Bedfont Lakes Business Park, needed a modern new look and feel. We translated this need into a catchy and functional website with a focus on user experience (UX).


Join us, one of us

It soon became clear that the organisation had two clear visitor groups, namely members (one of us) and potential members (join us). The choice was made to build in a switch that would allow visitors to quickly and clearly find what they are looking for. Both visitor groups have a different and opposite colour. The big difference is that the potential members have an availability page. This allows them to see which units are still available. Of course, this availability is easy for the organisation to manage in the CMS.