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Maintain a website in Ede?

Maintaining your website in Ede? Mediabirds takes care of an up-to-date website. We take over the entire care of your website. All updates, optimization work and backups are carried out by us. Many people think that the work is done once a website is created and online. Nothing is less true. Especially websites that use a CMS need to be carefully updated, monitored and provided with backups. This way, the website will continue to run well in the future. Our web agency can take care of all your website maintenance in Ede. We do this every day for various customers. We work together with our specialists in the field of development, design and strategy. Use us right now to maintain your website in Ede or read more about our methods and benefits. 

Why have your website maintained?

Maintaining your website in Ede is highly recommended. If you don’t have updates carried out, your website will become outdated. You choose not to keep up with the latest developments, while your competitors do. The result is that your website will become slower and will no longer function optimally. This has a major impact on how well you are found in the Google search engine. Google wants to show the best search results to its users. If a website is too slow or does not work, Google will label it as not user-friendly. Website visitors won’t want to wait for a slow website and will switch to the competitor sooner. Google also notices this, as a result of which the competitor gets a higher ranking than you in the Google search engine. That’s why continuously improving your website in Ede is so important. This way, you ensure that you stay on top in the search engine and attract more potential customers. 

Working method website maintenance Ede

If you use us to maintain your website in Ede, we will make sure that your website is both well optimised and up-to-date. You will receive a detailed monthly report about your website from us. So you can immediately see how your website is performing. Moreover, we regularly perform security scans. This way, we ensure that the optimal security of your website is maintained. 

Website maintenance costs

Curious about what website maintenance in Ede exactly costs? We are happy to make an appointment for an introductory meeting, so that we can discuss your wishes and goals. Our hourly rate is always competitive and fair. Our proposal shows you exactly what the maintenance of your website will cost you and what the specific prices for each part are. So you know exactly where you stand.

That’s why you should use Mediabirds

Why is it best to outsource your website maintenance in Ede to Mediabirds? Because we have the most advantages to offer you, of course. So you can count on the following: 


  • Persoonlijke en transparante werkwijze
  • Wij maken onderscheidende digitale producten
  • Verschillende specialisten op het gebied van design, strategie en development in huis
  • Wij zijn een full service webbureau: je kunt bij ons niet alleen een website laten onderhouden, maar ook terecht voor je webdesign, optimalisatie, development en hosting.
  • Mediabirds zorgt ervoor dat jij groeit!

Have your website maintained in Ede? Contact us now.

Want to have your website maintained in Ede? Contact our specialists now. Let Mediabirds improve your website in Ede and ensure continuous online visibility. Having your website maintained by Mediabirds in Ede will always bring you more!