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Maintaining a website in Amsterdam?

Do you want to maintain your website in Amsterdam? Mediabirds is happy to be of service. If desired, we can completely unburden you when it comes to your website. We do all the work concerning optimisation, updates and backups. Perhaps you think that after the delivery of a website you don’t need to look at it anymore. Appearances are deceptive, because from the moment a website is online, it is already aging. Websites that use a CMS should be continuously provided with back ups, monitored and provided with the latest updates. This ensures that your website remains up-to-date. We improve your website in Amsterdam in collaboration with our specialists in the field of strategy, design and development. This means we always have the right knowledge at our disposal. Let us measure your website in Amsterdam or read more for our way of working and advantages. 

Why website maintenance is important

Maintaining your website in Amsterdam is very important. By keeping your website updated, it stays new and current. If you don’t, your website will become outdated and your competitors will overtake you. Your website will become slower and will no longer function properly. And that’s not good, because it makes a difference to what extent your website is found through Google. Google wants to show users the best search results. If your website is slow or not user-friendly in any other way, Google will notice this. Because of this, Google will mark your webshop as not user-friendly. Those who visit your website become impatient and go to the competitor sooner. Google responds to this by giving the competitor a higher place in the search engine. That is why it is important that your website is always up-to-date. Only then will you remain at the top of the Google search engine, benefiting from a continuous flow of customers. 

This is how we improve your website

If you leave your website maintenance in Amsterdam to Mediabirds, we will optimise your website completely. We’ll make sure it’s completely updated. Every month we’ll send you a report about your website. This will show you how your website is performing. We also perform security scans on your website. We do this on a regular basis, so that your security remains optimal. A good website security is also important. 

Costs website improvement Amsterdam

Want to know what your website maintenance in Amsterdam costs? We like to be clear about our prices. We will first make an appointment with you for an introductory meeting. During this meeting we will discuss your wishes and what we can do for you. Subsequently, we will draw up a proposal without any obligations. You can count on us for an honest and competitive rate. In our plan of action you can see exactly what the costs for each type of work are. That way, everything is clear to both parties. 

That is why you choose our specialists

If you let Mediabirds maintain your website in Amsterdam, we guarantee that our service will take you further. The following advantages await you with us: 

  • Personal and transparent approach;
  • We are a full service web agency: you can not only let us maintain your website, but also for your web design, optimisation, development and hosting;
  • We make distinctive digital products;
  • Various in-house specialists in the field of design, strategy and development

Have your website maintained in Amsterdam by Mediabirds

Would you like to outsource your website maintenance in Amsterdam to Mediabirds? Then contact our experienced professionals right away. If you let us maintain your website in Amsterdam, then your website is in good hands.