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What is the difference between a UX and UI design?

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The design of a website communicates unconsciously with the visitors of your website. A good UX/UI design increases the chance of conversion and ensures better organic findability. But what exactly does UX and UI mean? What are the differences? And could you use them separately?

What does UX design mean exactly? 

UX stands for user experience. Within UX, the goal is to create a design that results in an optimal user experience. The faster your website visitors find what they are looking for, the better the user experience and the UX design actually is. The usability of your website is nowadays an important factor for the ranking of your website in Google. 

During the process of UX, the user experience is defined, analysed, designed, implemented, evaluated and optimised. In reality, UX is therefore a learning process in which an attempt is made to optimise the user experience (UX). Researching the needs of your (potential) customers is an important step in UX, but also using A/B testing to see if the adjustments you want to make are really efficient. 

So what does UI design mean? 

Whereas UX is mainly concerned with usability at the back end, user interface design is the visible design and functioning of the website. The UI design is also called the digital lick of paint. A good interface is stimulating and holds the attention of visitors, in order to entice them to take action (conversion). 

UI-designers doen kleine aanpassingen die uiteindelijk een groot verschil maken. Tijdens het proces van UI wordt de focus gelegd op het goed functioneren van alle elementen in de gebruikersomgeving en wordt er gezorgd voor een uitstraling die aansluit bij de organisatie.

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The difference between UX and UI

UX and UI connected 

Actually, we believe that UX and UI cannot be used without each other. A user interface design is not worth much without first looking at the user experience (UX). Conversely, the user experience design is ultimately a lot less beautiful without the user interface design. To skip the user experience and start with the UI design is a waste of time and money, we think. There are always things you want to change, but skipping the UX does not make them easy to do. During the development of the UX design, fundamental aspects such as structure and functionalities are thoroughly examined. These are not so easy to adjust at a later stage.  

What can we do for you? 

Are you curious about the tangible results that we have achieved for other organisations by using UX/UI? And would you like to have a UX/UI design made by a reliable full-service web agency in Amsterdam? We are happy to show you the results during a meeting at our office.