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Checklist for creating a website

Tips for choosing the right web agency!

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Do you want your company to have a website made? Then there are a number of things that are not entirely unimportant and which you should pay attention to. Why, for example, do you pay three times as much with one party as with another? And how do you know if a web agency is suitable for your needs? This checklist will give you something to go on when you are looking for your internet partner. 

1. Defining the objective(s)

Perhaps the most important question you should ask yourself is: what do I want to achieve with my website? For example, do you want to generate more requests by improving your position in the search engines? Or do you want a higher conversion rate and a lower bounce rate, so that more people actually take action? There are a thousand more examples of objectives. Based on your goals, the web agency you are talking to will make a plan and propose different functionalities and possibilities. It is up to you to determine what you see as added value. 

2. Choosing a CMS that suits your goals

Next, you look for a content management system (CMS) that suits your goals. What is important to you? Think about speeds, security, SEO options, forms and optimisation and expansion possibilities. Many companies choose WordPress, because this CMS has all these things in excellent order. WordPress is therefore recommended in many cases. 

3. The budget for developing the website

When you start looking for a web design agency, you will soon notice that there are a huge number of companies out there. What exactly does it cost to have a website made? One company can build a website for €500, while another starts from €5,000. Based on your budget, you can search more targeted and you can write off many agencies. Usually, for less than €2,000, you will not find a custom-made website, but only a template or website built in a builder. 

4. Choose a web design agency that suits you 

What kind of agency suits you? For example, are you looking for a small web agency or a somewhat larger (and probably more experienced) agency? In addition, it is important to look at what the lead time of the project will be. For a fairly simple website, you don’t want to have to wait three months. What do you think is important that the agency offers after completion? Do you want them to run your Ads, for example? It is therefore important to have all these components clear at an early stage. Moreover, this way you can cross off a lot of companies. 

5. Quality and expectation management

What does the internet agency you are talking to say? What performance scores can you expect, for example? What does the time planning and lead time look like? And what about correction rounds if, for example, you would like a change in the web design? Naturally, you want your website to be mobile-friendly and to have optimal performance in order to score high in the search engines. Therefore, it is important to have these questions answered before you start working with a web design agency.

6. Maintenance options after completion 

After your website has been developed, you will naturally want to ensure that no parts stop functioning. Assuming that this does not happen, it is nice to know that this is covered by the warranty. It is also nice to know that security scans and maintenance are performed regularly. Although the chance that something suddenly stops functioning on a custom-made website is small, we certainly recommend looking at the possibilities in terms of maintenance. Also take a good look at the response time. If you have a question, you obviously don’t want to have to wait six days for an answer.

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