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A mobile-first web design

Everything that needs to be taken into account (UX/UI)

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Everything about mobile first web design

Wondering what a mobile first webdesign is and what advantages it has to offer you? You might have heard the word ‘mobile first web design’ a lot lately. Web agency Mediabirds gets more and more clients who want to make their website mobile friendly. The standard responsiveness on mobile screens is often something that needs more attention. At least, that’s something we see a lot. Mobile first web design is the answer. But what does mobile first web design mean and what are the advantages for your company? Webdesign agency Mediabirds explains it to you in this article. 

Mobile first webdesign, what is that exactly?

With a mobile first web design, we mean that when we develop your website we take the mobile usage as our starting point. We make sure that your website is designed to be as user-friendly as possible for mobile visitors. After creating the mobile design, we focus on the desktop design. More and more people are accessing the internet by phone. By making your mobile website as user-friendly as possible, visitors will have a better user experience and come back faster. 

The differences between mobile and desktop users

There are some important differences between mobile and desktop users. A desktop user is less affected by external stimuli and time pressure. This ensures that there is more focus and time to process the information. Those who mainly surf on mobiles often have little time and have to deal with many external stimuli. This group is more likely to have concentration problems. By offering relevant content, as many stimuli as possible are removed. Because the mobile version is also used for the desktop, this means that the desktop user will also experience fewer stimuli. This also increases the focus of desktop users. If your website is optimally attuned to this, it can certainly bring you benefits. 

What are the advantages of a mobile first web design?

If you use our WordPress agency to develop a mobile first web design, then this is a very good choice. A mobile first web design has many advantages. It ensures that visitors are better able to concentrate while viewing the website and have fewer distractions. Also, they won’t be bothered by superfluous content or graphic extras. Moreover, the website will also be a lot faster, simply because there are fewer videos and images to be seen. A mobile first design is completely attuned to the mobile user and because of the design is also ideal for desktop users. 


If you have a mobile first web design developed, you will score higher on speed, usability and content. This does not only apply to people who surf online via their mobile phones, but also to desktop users. The only drawback is that you might have to sacrifice the experience of your website. As a desktop view, it may look less distinctive. However, you get a lot in return. 

Our examples of mobile first web design

Are you curious to know how our web design agency works with your mobile first web design? When we develop your website, we use various methods and techniques to guarantee you a beautiful web design. Below, we have listed some examples so you can see exactly what a mobile first web design can look like. 

Do you want a mobile first web design? Then use our web agency and choose to develop a website that is even more user-friendly. Our WordPress agency will gladly help you with a mobile first webdesign!