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5 Google Chrome extensions that help web designers and developers

Tips for developers and web designers

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Browsers are becoming increasingly important with their extensions and plug-ins. These are often developed by the users themselves and make the browser more powerful. It also helps to increase productivity. In this blog, we are going to talk about some important extensions of Google Chrome that really help you as a developer and web designer. 

The best Google Chrome extensions for web designers and web developers

SVG Grabber 

SVG-Grabber is an extension to quickly preview a website and get all SVG items. You can also easily download all SVG assets of a website. Moreover, you can view the code of the SVG icons and illustrations on a website. The extension is an open-source tool: so everybody can work with it! 


A very popular tool among developers and designers is WhatFont. Maybe the name says it all and it needs no further explanation, but we will explain it here. If you want to find out which font a website uses, this is the ideal tool. To use the extension you only have to hover over it. 

Site Palette  

There are many examples of websites with lots of colours! Site Palette is a Chrome extension that extracts the main colours of the current website. With this tool you can generate and share your favourite colour palettes. You can also download a Sketch template or use Adobe Swatch support. 



A tool for designers to measure screen dimensions. The Dimensions extension measures from your mouse pointer up/down and left/right until it hits a border. So if you want to measure distances between elements on a website, this is perfect. On the contrary, it doesn’t really work with images because there the colours change pixel by pixel.


With this extension you can pick up colours from web pages, as it were. ColorZilla not only extracts colour information from CSS styles, but can also extract RGB values from images. This tool is ideal to quickly retrieve a colour code. 

Chrome Extensions that are valuable as a designer or developer

Misschien kende je deze tools al, misschien ook nog niet. Voor het ontwerpen van je website of webshop is een goed webdesign van belang. Om tot een goed webdesign kan er soms nogal wat tijd overheen gaan. Daarom is het van belang om efficiënt te werken. Deze vijf extensies van Google zijn handig, maar vooral tijdbesparend. 

Maybe you already know these tools, maybe not. When designing your website or web shop, a good web design is important. To get to a good web design can sometimes take quite some time. Therefore, it is important to work efficiently. These five Google extensions are handy, but above all they save time.