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Webdesign in Amsterdam

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A good web design in Amsterdam is not just a fluke. There is a lot of thought that goes into a good design. So, do you want to have a website designed and developed based on your corporate identity? We gladly accept the challenge. Of course we can tell you about the websites we create for SMEs and larger companies. At the same time, we can well imagine that you are only partially interested in that. You mainly want to know what we can do for you. You are looking for a web design in Amsterdam, so how are we going to make your wishes and preferences concrete and put them into practice?

But what do you want?

Daarom willen we binnen onze aanpak vooral graag weten wie jij bent. We kunnen pas een webdesign maken als we goed begrijpen wie jij bent. Dat wil zeggen, we zijn benieuwd naar jouw product, merk of bedrijf.

Who is your company, what do you want to do with it and what do you want customers to see, think and feel? Understanding that helps us to tailor the web design in Amsterdam accordingly. We convey the right feeling and make sure it contributes to your broader positioning and communication or marketing.

Fresh web design that works logically

At the same time, there are of course certain handles and guidelines that we take into account. A web design in Amsterdam should have a fresh style, just like a logical navigation. These are important principles that contribute to the online experience of your visitor and wider audience.

  • Fresh style
    The fresh style attracts attention, convinces within a split second and prevents the visitor from becoming overwhelmed. Online, there is usually a large number of stimuli, so it is important to focus. What gets attention and how can you distribute it across the page? That is what we take into account when choosing a fresh style.
  • Logic navigation 
    It is at least as important that the navigation is logical. Only then can visitors find their way around. This contributes to the online experience because it prevents the frustration of not being able to find something. With the navigation on the website, we ensure that visitors move towards the contact request or an online purchase.

Webdesign in Amsterdam

Do you recognise yourself in the above philosophy about web design in Amsterdam? We are happy to work with you, of course based on your specific requirements. We will create a website or webshop that immediately appeals to you. And that contains everything you want, without losing focus to be very specific. 

Are you looking for web design in Amsterdam or do you have any questions? Call us on 020 24 45 264, send us an e-mail to hello@mediabirds.nl or use the online contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.