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The importance of ATS for lead generation

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Welcome to Mediabirds, the partner for optimising your website. Did you know that linking your website to an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) can give you more insight into the behaviour of your website visitors and make the lead generation process more efficient? At Mediabirds, we would love to help you link your website to an Applicant Tracking System, so that you get the most out of your online presence.

The importance of an ATS for lead generation

An ATS is a software application that helps companies track and manage their leads. By linking your website to an ATS, all interactions of your website visitors are automatically tracked and stored. This gives you insight into how your website is being used and which pages are the most popular. Moreover, leads can be automatically added to the system and personalised follow-up can be sent to increase conversion.

Which ATS suits your business?

At Mediabirds, we have experience in linking websites to different ATS systems, such as HubSpot, Hotjar, Leadinfo and SharpSpring. We can help you find the right ATS for your business and seamlessly integrate your website with the system. Our team of experts can also help you design and develop a lead generation strategy on your website to further optimise the process.

From online marketing to landing pages: we help you further

Our services go beyond simply linking your website to an ATS. We can also help you set up an effective online marketing strategy, optimise your website for search engines, design attractive landing pages and place ads on social media and other channels. Everything to ensure that you generate more leads and further increase your online presence.

Contact us for more information on linking your website to an ATS or one of our other online services. We are ready to help you find the right solutions for your digital needs.