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Being present on social media is an important part of your organisation’s online growth these days. Today, consumers have a huge range to choose from. But how do you distinguish yourself in this? And how do you ensure that you generate revenue with your social media? At Mediabirds, we develop and implement a unique social media strategy for you and then help you to continue your activities on the socials.

Developing a social media strategy

When developing a social media strategy, we conduct interviews within the organisation and make a so-called digital transition. In doing so, we translate the organisation from offline to online. We then carry out both an internal and external analysis to determine the value proposition. On the basis of the value proposition, we start designing the strategy. We also take into account the integration of the strategy and give substance to the first month with a content calendar and dashboard. 

What are the advantages of outsourcing social media?

The world of social media is constantly changing. By constantly responding to the changes and going along with the online developments, your results will grow. Our experts are always up to date with the latest trends and developments of the various social media platforms. We have the knowledge to come up with the right content to really make an impact. By outsourcing your socials, you know for sure that you are communicating consistently with your followers and that your content is geared towards interaction. Moreover, it saves you a lot of time. 

Outsourcing your socials to Mediabirds

Convinced of the advantages of outsourcing your social media? We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. We always like to invite you to our office in Amsterdam first. This way, we can see if it clicks, but we can also map out what you want to achieve. On the basis of the first meeting, we will make you a proposal and draw up a plan of action. This will give you a clear overview of what we are going to do for you and what results you can expect.