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Why choose Google Tag Manager and not individual snippets?

Improve the performance of your website or webshop

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Reasons to choose Google Tag Manager

Statistics, objectives and KPIs are very important for a strong online marketing strategy. If you want to work towards your goals, you need to collect relevant data about actions and events on your website. You can do this by placing a piece of code in the HTML structure for each separate tag, but did you know that this can also be done much more easily? With Google Tag Manager, you can collect relevant data in the simplest and most user-friendly way. Web agency Mediabirds tells you what Google Tag Manager is, how to install it and what the advantages are. 

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is also called GTM. It is a central point of all the different tags that measure the behaviour of your website visitors. If you want to collect specific data about your target group and the conversions they make, you will come across several tags. It is easy to lose the overview. With Google Tag Manager, you manage all your tags from a central place and you can also add tags from here. All you have to do is place the Google Tag Manager tag in your HTML structure in the web design once. You can do this yourself or leave it to our web design agency. Then we can add all the tags you want to measure on your website. This way, you can collect relevant data. 

How can I install Google Tag Manager?

Are you developing a website and want to install Google Tag Manager? You do this by adding two scripts to your website. You will need a web developer from our web agency to do this. The GTM container has its own HTML code. This code must be placed in the back end of your website. If Analytics is already on your website, it is best to load it via Tagmanager instead of placing it on your website. This way, you can manage all data from one central location. When you load Analytics via Google Tag Manager, you have more control over the tags and you can work a lot easier. 

The benefits of Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager has several advantages to offer you. We have listed the most important benefits for you below:

Faster website

With Google Tag Manager, your website becomes a lot faster. And compared to separate tags, you only need to incorporate a GTM script into your HTML structure. Because your website becomes a lot faster, this is positive for both the visitors of your website and your position in the Google search engine. 

Simple to use

Google Tag Manager is also easy to use. Precisely because you can work from a central location and set everything up from there. From here, you can easily place various tags on your website. You can also integrate social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as Google Analytics and Google Ads. 

Less sensitive to errors

By changing everything tag by tag, you are more likely to make mistakes. By using GTM you don’t have to work with codes anymore and you can test all the tags. This way, you can prevent errors from occurring that could jeopardise your website. 

Measuring everything about your website

In short, with Google Tag Manager you can measure everything around your website. Think for example of the number of clicks on a specific button, how fast the loading speed is, what the scroll depth is, etc. You measure what you really want to know and you can specifically target your visitors. You measure what you really want to know and you can specifically target your visitors. Because you can collect data more efficiently, there are great opportunities ahead of you. 

Do you need help with Google Tag Manager? Then be sure to contact our web agency. We can develop a website in which GTM is integrated. We can also provide ongoing maintenance for your web design, so that your website remains up-to-date. Get in touch now!