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When it comes to the security of your WordPress website, there is a lot you can do to prevent your website from falling victim to hackers. You want to prevent your website from being hacked at all times. To prevent that, we have listed a few tips for you. 

Customised websites are the safest 

When you have a custom website made, the entire website is built especially for you. The HTML code and the structure of the website are made especially for the functionalities and the design that you want. When you choose for a website that is built in a theme or with a builder, you get a standard website in which your content is filled. You can also choose which of the functionalities of that theme you want to use. So you will have unused functionalities in your website. These unused scripts are also in the code. And besides making your website slower, that also means there are more scripts to be hacked. Scripts make a website unsafe, because they are sensitive to hackers. 

An open-source platform such as WordPress has a huge number of users worldwide. This brings with it many advantages. However, so many users also means a lot of hackers. It is therefore advisable to limit the number of scripts. You can only limit these scripts optimally by building your website to measure. So if you want your website to be optimally secured, the first step is to have your website custom built. 

Choose secure hosting 

The security of your website can only be good if you also have it hosted in a secure place. You can choose to outsource your hosting, but you can also choose to do this yourself. Some technical knowledge is not superfluous if you choose to manage the hosting yourself! It is very important that you choose a reliable hosting partner. 

Furthermore, an SSL certificate is a real must. This ensures that a secure layer is placed between a server and an internet browser. You can easily request an SSL-certificate yourself at most hosting parties. After you have done this, your URL will also start with HTTPS instead of the previous HTTP protocol. 

Premium plug-ins for security 

To guarantee the security of your website, you need plug-ins for your security. In any case, we always recommend Wordfence Security. Wordfence Security is perhaps the most popular WordPress security plugin. The plug-in combines powerful security tools, such as tools to secure the security process. The tool also has the ability to restore your website after a security incident (which is actually impossible). Furthermore, Wordfence gives you insight into trends of your traffic and hacking attempts.    

The disadvantage of using plug-ins in general is that you have to update and maintain them. It is therefore advisable to outsource the maintenance of your security plug-ins to your website builder. This ensures that your plug-ins are always up to date and reduces the risk of being hacked.  

Securing your website 

If you choose to customise your website, work with a reliable hosting partner and use Wordfence Security as a security plug-in, you will greatly reduce the chances of being hacked. Are you curious what other options there are to optimally secure your WordPress website? We will tell you in the next blog.