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Domain registration and web hosting: what you need to consider

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Where should I register my domain? That is the question we are regularly asked. There is quite a difference between the many providers these days. And what about hosting? What do most people have to deal with? In this blog, we will tell you all about it. 

What is a domain again? 

A domain is the internet address of your (future) website. The domain consists of two parts. You can fill in the first part yourself (for example Mediabirds) and you can make a choice in the extension (for example .nl or .com). A URL starting with your domain name always goes to your website. 

Domain check

Before you start using a domain, you should do a domain check. First of all, you will find out whether your desired domain name is still available. Also, a domain name may not yet exist. Moreover, it may not infringe on the trademark or commercial rights of any other company. You can easily do this domain name check on different websites. We find Google Domains always a good website.  

Registering a domain name 

When you register a domain name, it is important to choose a suitable party. Do you work with Microsoft products within your company, then it might be useful to choose a matching provider (for example Access or ASP.NET). We work with Google Workspace, so it is obvious to choose Google Domains to register your domain name. Actually, all good hosting providers focus on a particular target group. So check which one suits your organisation. A tip from us? Take a good look at the support options. 

Selecting a hosting provider

A number of questions are important to consider when choosing a hosting provider. For example, most components are not as obvious as you might think. We have listed six crucial questions that will help you make an informed choice: 

  • Does the offer of the hosting provider match my goal? 
  • What about security? 
  • Does the hosting provider have a reliable SSL provider (SSL certificate)?
  • Is there a CDN layer with the hosting? 
  • What are the support options?
  • What are the expansion options? (MySQL databases, email boxes, web space) 

Curious about what managed WordPress hosting entails and what the advantages of hosting in the cloud are? 

Which hosting providers should you avoid?

The number of companies offering domain registration on the Dutch hosting market has grown considerably in recent years. This does not make it easy for you and often even makes it difficult to get an overview. Within the hosting industry, the saying “cheap is expensive” is well known. And we can fully confirm this. Many of these cheap hosting parties offer little or no support. If you have a question about the DNS settings, for example, you may have to wait two weeks for an answer (if you get an answer at all). Moreover, the fields where you have to adjust the DNS settings do not have a clear interface. When you have to arrange your mailing, for example, this can cause a lot of frustration. By cheap hosting parties, we mean those that offer hosting for as little as ten euros a month. 

Outsource hosting 

Do you want a website created by a professional and creative web agency? And/or do you not want to have to think about your hosting? Then contact us via the contact form. We are happy to talk to you.