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One of the most widely used CRM systems of the moment: HubSpot. You’ve probably heard of it before. The comprehensive CRM that is one of the market leaders offers numerous possibilities to manage your customer data. Are you and your organisation exploring CRM systems or just curious about how to deploy marketing automation in sync with your website? Then this article is worth reading.

Why HubSpot?

As an organisation, you are always looking for software that can support marketing and sales efforts. And preferably everything under one roof. Nowadays, there are thousands of (online) marketing tools; some more comprehensive than others. HubSpot is one of the bigger players in this field, connecting all the departments of your organisation in one platform. There are many reasons to choose HubSpot, but we have listed the biggest advantages for you:

Making informed decisions based on customer data

This is perhaps right away the best reason to invest in HubSpot. The CRM system allows you to identify users on your digital platform(s) along with their activities. Using customer IDs and IP addresses, HubSpot collects information about your leads, prospects and customers. This information is displayed in clear dashboards and reports, giving you a so-called 360-degree customer view. In this, the customer is always and everywhere at the centre.

Then, with this data, you are able to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. This way, your leads, prospects and customers have an optimal personalised experience.

HubSpot Partner

Optimised for SME

Two questions we get a lot are what it costs and whether it can grow with the organisation. HubSpot is certainly not the cheapest software on the market, but it definitely grows with your organisation. So small and medium-sized businesses pay less than large organisations, while getting access to the same features.

For some tools – such as the CRM – you pay nothing at all at first, while other components can take a relatively large chunk out of your budget. The exact cost also depends on the number of users and the number of contacts within your CRM.

Leader in lead generation management

With the HubSpot CRM, you have one central environment from which to develop all customer activities. The various Hubs (e.g. Marketing and Sales) work together seamlessly in a clear interface. When you have HubSpot working together with your WordPress custom website, for example, all your contact points are automatically shot into HubSpot. For example, when someone fills in a contact form, but also consider HubSpot’s appointment module and chatbot. You can then tailor automated email campaigns to this, for example, to generate more sales.

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Looking for a partner to implement HubSpot in your organisation?

Do you need help implementing HubSpot within your organisation? Or are you looking for a party to spar about the possibilities? As a full-service web agency, we know all about HubSpot and how it can work best with your website or web application. We would be happy to schedule an introductory meeting!