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UI Design

The visible design of the website

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Where a User Experience design is mainly concerned with the user-friendliness at the back, a User Interface design is the visible design of the website. With UI, our designers ensure that the appearance of your organisation matches the needs of your visitors.

The User Interface

User Interface Design is also called the digital lick of paint. In fact, the UI of a website is the point of contact between the services and products offered and the potential customer who wants to find out more about them. At Mediabirds, we believe that a good interface is stimulating, holds the attention and entices the visitor to take action. This can be the font size of a text, a button or an animation in the website. Of course this has to fit your organisation.

How we deploy UI

With UI, we focus specifically on the interface in order to achieve a better user experience. Our UI designers make small adjustments that ultimately make a big difference. We focus on the functioning of all elements in the user environment and on the website, and ensure that the look and feel are in line with the organisation.

UX or UI design

The design of your website (UX/UI) communicates with the user’s subconscious. This is where we think designs stand out from each other. At Mediabirds, we see the UX and UI design as the beginning of a successful website.

Curious about the branding process?

Developing a new house style

Before we start developing a web design, we often develop the branding. We do a brand scan, position the organisation and develop a future-proof strategy. Then we translate the identity of the organisation into a visual design.

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