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The structure and flow through the website

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In order to be easily found by search engines, it is important that the structure of the website is optimal. An optimal structure is also important for the visitors of your website. You will notice that the bounce percentage will decrease and your conversion will increase. The search engines will also notice this.

Keyword research

Before we start with the mapping of the site structure, a keyword research is done. On the basis of input from the brand scan, we will get to work. In this keyword research we look at all possible search terms to make the website score higher in the search engines. For each term, we look at the search volume, the keyword difficulty percentage and the CPC. On the basis of all these statistics, we give a non-binding advice on what we would do. Based on these results, we start working on the site structure.

The site structure

The site structure is the basis of an optimal user experience (UX). The challenge of a good site structure is that the visitor can find what he or she is looking for in as few actions as possible. The search engines will also notice this, as a result of which you will rank higher. Whether you want to create a new site or optimise an existing one: the site structure provides the basis.

A site structure (also called a sitemap) is a set-up in which all pages of the website are listed. With lines and layers it is made clear how visitors and search engines navigate through the website. It also shows how pages are linked. This schematic overview can be moved around flexibly and clearly.

You can imagine that a ‘smaller’ company with only a few services has a smaller sitemap than a large webshop with thousands of products. A good and well thought-out site structure offers many opportunities in the field of SEO.

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