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Organic optimisation

Improve the performance of your website

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In order to improve the performance of your website, there are several possibilities regarding organic search engine optimisation. Depending on your goals, we make a plan to get your website to the top of the search results. We almost always start by looking at the technique of the website. We also look at the texts, user experience and link building.

Technical optimisation

Is your organisation’s website well constructed? You can do your best to score high in the search engines, but if the website is not well constructed, visitors will stay away. It is important to look at the user experience (UX/UI). An optimal user experience ensures more time on page and a low bounce rate (percentage that does not look further than the homepage). Ultimately, this also ensures that you score better in the search engines.

Keyword research and rewriting texts

One of Google’s biggest ranking factors is your texts. There are many possible reasons why your texts do not perform as you think they should. Are you, for example, using the different headings and are your keywords reflected in the meta description? And what about the lack of internal and external links? It may also be the case that you have not dived deep enough into this as an organisation.

To make sure that we focus on the right search terms with the texts, we do this research again. We look at search volumes, keyword difficulty percentages and competition in many possible ways.

Curious about the development process?

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When the branding and web design are in place, we start developing the website. We develop the website using the latest and best technologies. This way, we choose a development method that fits the needs of your organisation. We guarantee the best performance and security.

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