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Set up a successful Google Ads campaign

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Every organisation wants to grow. Growth in the sense of generating more leads, more sales and more brand awareness. Often, organisations even want to grow faster than they can achieve organically in a short period of time. The solution for fast and easily measurable results? Setting up Google Ads campaigns!

Mediabirds helps companies set up Google Ads campaigns. After all, you want high-quality traffic on your website. And not least important: you want the campaign to be profitable.

Google Ads campaigns

Many organisations do not have sufficient knowledge to set up Google Ads campaigns. This is a waste of the advertising budget, because the budget is not used optimally. In the long run, you are wasting a lot of money and time. Since we have a lot of experience in setting up and running Google Ads campaigns, it pays to outsource this to us. Our SEA specialists maintain contact with all stakeholders and provide them with monthly reports. Four times a year, we check whether the keywords are still relevant on the basis of a keyword research. Are the search volumes still accurate? And what is the competition doing for certain search terms? We map this out in detail and provide advice without obligation.

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