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If you ask a professional which Content Management System (CMS) he would recommend, he will most likely recommend WordPress. WordPress offers endless possibilities and its security and reliability are unequalled. By far the majority of websites worldwide run on this CMS. This ensures that errors and bugs are discovered immediately. But why is it so popular? 

Why do most professionals work with WordPress? 

The fact that WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System in the world has its advantages. You can simply rely on it – otherwise you would choose another CMS. Nowadays, most professionals work with WordPress, which ensures faster development because there are more and better plugins, more and better themes and more and better links to external software. 

WordPress is open-source

Even without any experience, you can easily master the easy-to-use CMS. Besides its user-friendliness and versatility, WordPress has a really big advantage: it is open-source (free). This means that it is free to download and you can modify the code as you wish. This is why WordPress has become so big. Developers create something extra, and then they can choose to make this available to everyone in the form of a plugin. 

Search engine friendly

You want your website to be easily found by search engines. For this, you need a CMS that offers the right basic structure. WordPress is a good option for this, as it allows the search engine to easily crawl your texts. Based on this, the search engine determines, in combination with how your texts are written, how high you will be ranked organically (without advertisements). To write SEO-friendly texts, you can use the plugin Yoast, for example. 

How does Mediabirds develop?  

We also build websites mainly entirely in WordPress. There are many developers who build websites in a builder or using themes in WordPress. We actually only develop custom websites without a builder or themes. This results in an even faster loading time and really unlimited possibilities. Curious how we can help you?