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Custom-made websites

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You want to have a custom-made website created: how do you choose the best web agency? We understand that you want to outsource this completely, while keeping the reins in your own hands. Or that you have specific wishes, but don’t know exactly how they should be given shape. We will discuss your wishes, advise you about the possibilities and start working on them for you step by step. We do this fully responsive and in the most widely used CMS in the world. And that doesn’t mean anything to you? Then it is an excellent idea to have a tailor-made website made. We will explain to you in understandable language what we do for you, with which we realise your online goals.

Exactly the way you want it

Perhaps you already know exactly what the customised website should look like. Or which functions it should include at all costs. We will start working on it, even if you don’t want to worry about it too much yourself. So, is it a general idea or have you already worked it out? We understand how important it is for you to have a custom-made website in Amsterdam.

  • Design that attracts attention
    The design draws attention. The design stands out within what is already available. Moreover, it conveys exactly the message you want to convey to the target group.
  • Structure that works smoothly
    Meanwhile, the technology under the bonnet ensures that the website runs smoothly. Visitors have the best online experience, even if you only know the general outline.
  • Be successful onlineĀ 
    We help you to be successful online. And does that require further optimisation or adjustment? We identify trends, present you with solutions and work them out for you.

With all additional options and features

Moreover, you can have a tailor-made website made with the most specific functions. Or with unique features and links, for example with existing systems. With our web development, we make sure that we build exactly what you find important. So are you looking for specialists who like to go one step further? Nothing is too crazy for us, we are curious about what you have in mind!

Create a customised website

We can customise your website. We do this using a step-by-step approach, so that you always know exactly where you stand:

  1. Kick-off
    During the kick-off, we discuss your wishes and the concrete online objectives. This is the starting point for everything we work on. Moreover, we keep the communication lines short, so that you can adjust if necessary.
  2. Webdesign
    We design a web design that stands out. And that offers space for all the elements that you find important on the website you want to have custom-made in Amsterdam.
  3. Development
    We do the technical development in the background. You do not have to worry about the technical details. Instead, we make sure it all works smoothly and quickly.
  4. Launching
    We deliver a working website to you, which you can use immediately. Even without technical knowledge, of course. We take care of a user-friendly whole.
  5. Optimisation
    Finally, we remain involved, even after delivery. So can it be done faster, better or more convincing? We identify trends, keep you informed and get to work with you.

Curious how we come up with a web design?

See the approach

As a creative digital agency, we have a passion for developing unique digital products. During the development of the web design, the user experience is key. We research the target group and map out the structure of the site, after which we develop wireframes. Is this agreed? Then we start on the web design.

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