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How does your organization position itself?

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Positioning is a relevant tool for organizations. Positioning is making choices when it comes to emphasizing different aspects of the brand identity. However, the motives for arriving at a (new) positioning strategy differ quite a bit. Having a well thought out positioning ensures that your target audience sees you. To do this well, we take you through a number of steps.

Motives change positioning

There are several reasons why an organization chooses to reposition itself in the marketplace. For example, there are three common developments that serve as motives:

  • An increase in the number of products or services (product and service explosion);
  • The importance of organizational visibility behind products and services (organizational explosion);
  • The gore of media and advertising (media explosion)

Choosing a positioning strategy

In order to achieve good positioning, it is first of all important to clearly map out the brand identity. Then we look at the target group and characterize it. This is how we create a Persona. We start mapping out the customer journey and analyze the competition. Then we look at the organization rationally on the basis of various models. The brand essence is central in this, in which again the core and ‘why’ is very important.

Web design development

Curious about the web design process?

To achieve a catchy web design where user experience (UX) has been considered, we go through a number of steps. Our UX specialists always start with an investigation into the wishes and objectives of the website. Then we set up a site structure, after which we begin wireframing. This is the digital line sketching of the design. After this has also been approved we start with the web design.

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