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Brand strategy

Creating the desired identity around a brand is a challenge

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You can build a brand (organization), but the desired identity around a brand is difficult to create. The last thing you want is to have built a brand and because of missing policies the identity is not maintained. For this reason, it is wise to have tight policies when it comes to brand identity. This is nice for new employees, but also for your marketing department going public. So with the right strategy, the chances of success increase.

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Define brand strategy

The brand strategy could be seen as a summarizing concept, which includes the brand scan and positioning. These two concepts provide the basis for a good brand strategy. We start by defining the brand strategy and performing a (more extensive) analysis of the target group. In this we work with Personas and dive even deeper into the customer journey. Once we have done this, we position the organization and compare it to the brand identity. Does this match? Where does the organization really add value? And where is the organization unique? It may also be the case that this distinctive value still needs to be developed.

The answers provide the rationale for what strategy we choose with the organization. For example, do we choose an umbrella brand, a sub-brand, or endorsed branding? Or perhaps a hybrid or mono branding strategy is more appropriate?

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