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The first step of the cooperation is always the brand scan. In this scan, we try to find out the brand identity of the organisation. Then we characterise the brand. This way, we have a clear picture of the organisation. Subsequently, we can adjust the tone-of-voice to this, among other things. We believe that people form the organisation. Logically, the branding should therefore reflect the people who make up the organisation.

Defining brand identity

A good brand identity is recognisable and consistent. It is important to have a clear understanding of what this is for your organisation. With this, you can convince customers and persuade them why they should buy your product or service. If you have no idea what your organisation stands for or how you market yourself, there is little point in designing a corporate identity. The ‘why’ is in our eyes the most important. We use the Sinek Circle for this.

To find out which people are behind the organisation, we interview the employees separately. We map out their roles in the team and see what kind of personalities are present. We do this on the basis of the Belbin theory. This model assumes that different team roles in a team increase the chance of success. The various Belbin team roles say something about the organisation’s way of working. It also shows which characters are present.

Characterising the organisation

After we have clarified why the organisation does what it does, the next task is to make this why visible. And after this why is visible, of course you want to keep this recognisability visible for the long term. For this we use the 12 Archetypes of the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. The brand archetypes are used to characterise organisations and brands.

The fact is that people make decisions based on emotions. We do this because we want to belong and because we need security. Sometimes we choose security, sometimes we choose adventure. There are also different ways of getting a message across. One person may do it in a humorous way, while another may do it in a magical way. By linking a character to the organisation, it is clear how your organisation wants to profile itself, both externally and internally. The archetypes provide insight into customer needs, what moves people and what motivates them. Based on this information, communication can then be steered so that you really attract customers who fit the brand. A major advantage of this is that customers remain loyal for longer. We also call it the basis for the growth of your organisation.

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