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Improve the patient experience and streamline care processes with customised solutions developed specifically for the healthcare sector.

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Innovating in healthcare

Our focus is on automating processes and integrating systems to address staff shortages and increase efficiency. We implement advanced systems that enable seamless links between various healthcare applications, reducing the administrative burden and giving healthcare professionals more time for patient care. We also develop intranets for healthcare staff to improve internal communication and collaboration, and create insightful dashboards for healthcare organisations. These dashboards provide real-time data analysis, support decision-making and contribute to better organisation of care.


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Our solutions

Smart solutions for better care and efficiency

At Mediabirds, we play a crucial role in supporting and improving the healthcare sector by providing innovative digital solutions. We focus on reducing staff shortages by automating processes and making them more efficient, allowing healthcare workers to focus on what really matters: patient care. By implementing smart links between systems, we ensure integration and communication within different healthcare applications. This results in time savings and reduced administrative burden.

We also develop intranet solutions for healthcare staff, enabling employees to easily access important information, foster cooperation and feel more connected to their organisation. For healthcare organisations, we create advanced dashboards that visualise essential data, enabling management to make effective decisions based on real-time insights. These tools contribute to improved organisation of care, higher patient satisfaction and a more efficient working environment.


We are very excited about working with Mediabirds. The result, a complete rebranding and two websites that exudes what we stand for.

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Amazing results

Discover how Mediabirds has helped healthcare organisations excel in the digital world. Our proven results show significant increases in conversion rates, increases in organic traffic, higher-quality applicants and more efficient processes.

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