Homely & Familiar with Het Maanderzand

Homely & familiar

That’s The Maanderzand. This organisation of 300+ employees is a household name for care in the valley. Through all the years, Het Maanderzand wants to be there for its clients. As a result of a (chronic) illness and/or old age, people sometimes need help. The Maanderzand does all it can to give clients what they need to remain independent for as long and as pleasantly as possible. If that is no longer possible, it is possible to come and live with them in a friendly, homely and protected environment.

The assignment

There was a need for the next step in Het Maanderzand’s online and offline appearance. The image was no longer in line with the values of Het Maanderzand and was no longer up to date. The task was to create a well-considered and catchy rebranding and to implement this in the website, among other things.


We sat down with the people behind Het Maanderzand to find out at a deeper layer what the company stands for. With the right questions and conversations, we were able to define exactly who or what exactly Het Maanderzand is and the look and feel that goes with it.


Brand recognition through colour palette and shape language

The Maanderzand is homely & familiar. We also want to reflect this in the appearance. Warm and natural tones were chosen to convey the environment and the familiar feeling. The design language is also organic and flowing. This radiates the human aspect of the organisation.

With the organic form language and natural colours, we chose clean and professional typography to strike the right balance.


HEX: #95934E

RGB: 149, 147, 78

CMYK: 0, 1, 48, 42


HEX: #856286

RGB: 148, 146, 77

CMYK: 0, 1, 48, 42



RGB: 253, 246, 239

CMYK: 0, 3, 6, 1


Elza Bold

Body tekst

Elza Regular

Colour palette

The Maanderzand is in the process of creating a new home. In collaboration with the architects, an extensive colour palette has been drawn up, divided into four themes. These themes come from the surroundings and will be carried through the new building & the new house style.


Concepts turning ideas into visual examples

Website implementation

Once the corporate identity was finalised, we set about creating a new custom-made website. We carefully adopted the prepared brand guide and created a website that strongly conveys the story and values of Het Maanderzand.

Flexibility and accessibility were the two main pillars in the realisation of the new website.

This has been handled by implementing flexible layouts in the website. This allows Het Maanderzand to create and manage pages itself. Strict consideration has also been given to WCAG.


Chose Mediabirds after orientation and don’t regret it for a second! The conversations were pleasant, they had immersed themselves in our organisation. The result is a very nice logo and a new website that reflects what we stand for. The lines of communication are short, so we responded quickly.

Ilse Herikhuisen | Advisor Policy & Support

By building the site as a multi-site, Het Maanderzand can easily and efficiently manage both the main site and the worksite from one environment

By setting up the CMS as comprehensive and smart as possible, The Month Sand can independently easily manage everything as desired.


We transformed an outdated brand identity into a contemporary, coherent look and feel. The highlight was seeing the positive impact on Het Maanderzand, including better recognition, customer attraction, staff attraction ánd accessibility.