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At Mediabirds, we receive many of the same questions. Therefore, we like to put these frequently asked questions on our website for you. Is your question not here? Please contact us via the button below.

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What does it cost to have a website developed?

That’s a question that’s hard to answer. At Mediabirds prices start from € 2,000 for a simple website built with a builder. For a custom website it starts from € 5,000. Are you curious about the possibilities? Then feel free to contact us. We will be happy to discuss it with you in real-life.

How long does it take to create a website?

Giving an indication for the development of a website is difficult. Each project logically varies. Some want a complicated custom website with various API links and functionalities, while others want a fairly simple informative website. To give you an indication you can count on 1-3 weeks.

Is it possible to have Mediabirds create a website abroad?

Yes, that’s certainly possible. Besides the fact that Mediabirds has national coverage, we’re also very active on the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) and the Balearic Islands (Ibiza and Mallorca). In principle, the location of your organization does not matter. We regularly visit organizations located abroad.

Can content be added to the website after delivery?

Yes, you can. However, it is not advisable to regularly change the content of landing pages. The search engines read your content and it often takes them a while to do so. Content that remains unchanged in Google for a long time scores better and ensures a higher ranking.

What are the results I can expect with search engine optimization?

At Mediabirds we look at the current results and ranking of a website before we start a collaboration. We make several printouts about the website. In this way we can see exactly what the starting point is. After we have started working for you, we make monthly progress reports. We can never give an exact indication of results. However, we can show you the results that we have previously achieved.

Do we offer support?

Yes, we do. We offer several possibilities for support. Please contact us to see what the possibilities are.

Do we offer maintenance for the website?

Definitely. However, we only maintain websites that we have developed ourselves. We offer various options here. Feel free to contact us to learn more about maintaining your website with us.

Can Mediabirds also host my website? And what are the advantages?

Yes, we certainly can. By outsourcing your hosting to us, you just know you won’t run into any problems. For more information on hosting, check out the hosting page.

Are there any monthly fees associated with a website built by Mediabirds?

No, there are no mandatory monthly fees associated with a website built by Mediabirds. But it is advisable to have the website maintained and hosted by Mediabirds. You’re then assured of no problems with your website.

What will my website be built with?

There are many different Content Management Systems (CMS) with which to build a website. We have chosen to always do this in WordPress, as it is easy to use and offers unparalleled stability and reliability. Read more about web development.

Does Mediabirds offer a guarantee on the delivered website?

Yes, we offer full warranty when you choose to purchase a support contract. This guarantee only applies if it is clear that these errors were caused by Mediabirds.

Is there a feedback round included when I have a website developed by Mediabirds?

Yes, we have one feedback round included as standard. We’ve noticed that this feedback round is actually hardly ever used. If for some reason you want more feedback rounds, we can always arrange that.

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