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Digital strategy

How do we make your organisation grow online?

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At Mediabirds we like to look at how we can design the digital services of your organisation more efficiently. This way, the services you offer will better contribute to the vision and strategic objectives of the organisation. We develop a digital strategy for your organisation to capitalise on the opportunities in a constantly moving (online) world.

Hoe investeer je doelgericht in je digitale kanalen?

A good digital strategy starts with defining the (digital) objectives of the organisation. We look at where the organisation is now and where we are going to work. We then analyse the market and map out the opportunities and threats. Ultimately, our goal is to generate more conversion or to develop more user-friendliness (UX). 

Who is your target group?

First of all, we map out your customers and target group and see what their needs are. We do this by carefully drawing up buyer personas. These personas form the basis of the digital strategy. We use existing data from your organisation’s core systems. 

Customer journey mapping

We map out the customer journey in detail in order to get a better idea of the ideal deployment of digital channels and resources. These include affiliate channels, link building, responsive access to data and information links. Next, we look for the touchpoints between the organisation and the target group, in order to respond to these and optimise these contact moments. 

User Experience Design of your digital channels

Our UX specialists work to optimise the user experience. We do this by immersing ourselves in the brand, the customer and the problem to be solved. Ultimately, we ensure that the website is easier to find organically and that more conversions are generated.