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You want to create a web design: where do you start? It is important that you choose a specialist who can serve you well. This may seem obvious, but it requires a small analysis of providers. For example, we design and develop websites and web shops. The design of the two sometimes looks similar, but there are certainly some differences. Moreover, it is customary to link a webshop to internal or external systems. For a website this is often not necessary, while the navigation can be more complicated than in a web shop. So make sure you have a web design made by a party that has experience with the type of project for which you are looking for a specialist. In this case, you have come to the right place for both a website and a web shop.

Websites and web shops that work

With our approach, we work on websites and web shops that work. And stronger still, that work in the way you expect. That’s why we start with a kickoff meeting, where we get to know each other better. We are curious about the specific objectives for your product, brand or company. Only when we understand them, we are able to tailor the web design for the website or web shop accordingly.

So, are you thinking of having a web design made? As far as we’re concerned, it works best if we both have a click. We then design and develop a website or webshop that works, so that you get a double return on your investment.  

Fast, for SEO and conversion

Under the bonnet, we naturally work on a number of specific elements for the web design you want to create:

  • Speed
    As far as we are concerned, a good website or webshop should load quickly. Only in that way do you keep your visitor on board, so you get the chance to show what you have to offer.
  • SEO-otpimisation
    Meanwhile, we optimise the pages and the website or web shop for SEO. This way, we ensure that it is easily found in Google. It helps you to increase your online reach.
  • Conversion
    And once visitors are on the page? We convert them into customers, who make a purchase or send an enquiry. This way, you get the maximum return from your online investments. 

Have a web design made

Do you want to create a web design and are you looking for experienced specialists? We know what it takes and are happy to get to work for you. This way, we provide you with a website or a web shop that works. We work on a web design that loads quickly, is optimised for SEO and also contributes to better conversion. 

Would you like to have a web design made or do you have any questions? Call us on 020 244 53 04, send us an e-mail to hello@mediabirds.nl or use the online contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible.