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Conversion optimization, also called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), is an important topic for web shops and websites. The conversion (rate) is the percentage of visitors who proceed to a transaction. Conversion optimization therefore looks at how an increase of the conversion ratio can be realized. We remove the obstacles in your online store or website, so that visitors proceed to purchase or contact you more quickly and in a more user-friendly manner.

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How we apply conversion optimization at Mediabirds

During the process of increasing your conversion rate, it is important to understand the behavior of your visitors on your website. Which pages do they visit and where do they stop in the purchase process? We look at the functionalities of the website and delve into the behavior of your customers. We obtain this information using various tools, such as Google Analytics and Hotjar.

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Value proposition

We start by performing a search analysis and see if the results correspond to your target group. It could be that many visitors come to your website because the texts do not contain the right keywords. We look at which search terms and keywords you want to be found with. Then we analyze the search engine results. This gives us insight into which search terms the competition is using and we compare these to yours.

Technical and functional obstacles

We extensively test your website for technical and functional obstacles. It is important that your website is free of technical obstacles. These can prevent the visitor from taking action. For example, a slow loading speed, pages that are not found (404), not responsive optimization or unnecessary error messages. If there are functional obstacles on the website, such as a search function that does not display results, this can also prevent the visitor from taking action.

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Conversion optimization thinking employees


How easy can visitors to your website find what they are looking for? To increase your conversion ratio, our UX specialists will start working on a User Experience Design for you. With this we optimize the user experience. We test, among other things, using A/B tests whether this actually improves the user experience. This in turn ensures an increase in the conversion rate.

Intuitive obstacles

How are your visitors triggered in the webshop by elements? This happens for example through photos, videos, animations or illustrations that trigger emotions in your visitors. A photo can evoke positive emotions with one person, while with another it can evoke negative emotions. In addition to image-sensitive elements, visitors can also miss out on essential information such as delivery times, warranty and support.

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