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A mobile-first web design


Everything about mobile first web design Wondering what a mobile first webdesign is and what advantages it has to offer you? You might have heard the word ‘mobile first web design’ a lot lately. Web agency Mediabirds gets more and more clients who want to make their website mobile friendly. The standard responsiveness on mobile […]

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When UX is used wrongly (and how to fix it)

UX design illustratie

All UX designers want to create better user experiences with their designs. UX is often seen as the domain of app or web designers. Even a print designer who does the layout for a magazine tries to anticipate the reader’s reaction. He or she looks at the needs, preferences and opinions of relevant users of the magazine. As […]

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What is the difference between a UX and UI design?

Verschil tussen ux en ui

The design of a website communicates unconsciously with the visitors of your website. A good UX/UI design increases the chance of conversion and ensures better organic findability. But what exactly does UX and UI mean? What are the differences? And could you use them separately? What does UX design mean exactly?  UX stands for user […]

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Web design inspiration September 2021

webdesign inspiratie

Are you looking for inspiration for your web design? Of course it’s cool to make your own website unique. But how do you get these ideas? Sometimes you need a little help to find inspiration. We’ve listed 6 cool designs from September 2021 to get you started.  Eurovision Village 2021 The first of its kind: […]

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How to build a brand through web design?

UX UI design

Nowadays, all kinds of startups are being launched on a regular basis. These startups solve our problems and make our lives better. Often, these startups actually solve our ideas. However, it often goes wrong to translate this to the online world. After all, you want everyone to be able to get to know your product […]

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