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ChatGPT a threat or opportunity for the industry?

ChatGPT is a revolutionary language model developed by OpenAI. The model is trained to understand and produce language in a way similar to how humans do. This makes it a powerful tool for many different applications, including automatically written text, chatbots and even full conversations with human users. One of ChatGPT’s key features is its […]

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The combination of Strapi and Next.js

strapi cms development

Which CMS should you choose for your new website? Drupal and WordPress are popular choices, and larger organisations have their own system developed. At Mediabirds, we often recommend Strapi, as it works perfectly with Next.js. And is that technically a bit too fast for you? We’d be happy to explain why it’s the ideal choice […]

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All about HubSpot

HubSpot CRM partner

One of the most widely used CRM systems of the moment: HubSpot. You’ve probably heard of it before. The comprehensive CRM that is one of the market leaders offers numerous possibilities to manage your customer data. Are you and your organisation exploring CRM systems or just curious about how to deploy marketing automation in sync […]

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Are cookies mandatory on your website?


All about cookies Wondering if it is obligatory to mention cookies on your website? Cookies are also known as small files. They are placed on the hard drive of your laptop when you visit a site. The cookie records information. With this information, various users can be distinguished from each other. However, cookies can also […]

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WooCommerce: what is it?

Woocommerce voordelen

WooCommerce is one of the most popular systems for web shops. It is a webshop plugin especially for WordPress and has been downloaded millions of times worldwide. With this free to download plugin almost everyone can build a simple webshop. In this blog we will tell you all about the plugin we use regularly.  What […]

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Up to €2,500 grant for digitization of your organization

Digital development is on the agenda of many companies. A new website, further development of the current website or additional use of online marketing to attract new customers. The opportunity is there right now for your organization! Thanks to the ‘Mijn Digitale Zaak‘ subsidy you can be reimbursed up to €2,500. ‘My Digital Business’ grant […]

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A mobile-first web design


Everything about mobile first web design Wondering what a mobile first webdesign is and what advantages it has to offer you? You might have heard the word ‘mobile first web design’ a lot lately. Web agency Mediabirds gets more and more clients who want to make their website mobile friendly. The standard responsiveness on mobile […]

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How to use WebP images in WordPress

WebP in je website gebruiken

Are you curious about how to use a Web image in WordPress? Suppose you want to hire a WordPress agency to make your website faster, then you can certainly benefit from reducing the file size of the images. This can really save you a lot. Images often take up half of a web page. Just […]

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Why choose Google Tag Manager and not individual snippets?

Google tag manager

Reasons to choose Google Tag Manager Statistics, objectives and KPIs are very important for a strong online marketing strategy. If you want to work towards your goals, you need to collect relevant data about actions and events on your website. You can do this by placing a piece of code in the HTML structure for […]

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Checklist for creating a website

checklist voor het laten maken van een website

Do you want your company to have a website made? Then there are a number of things that are not entirely unimportant and which you should pay attention to. Why, for example, do you pay three times as much with one party as with another? And how do you know if a web agency is […]

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