Renewed reliable appearance

We entered into a partnership with KlimaVerde to be able to serve offline customers online as well. Initially, no web store was incorporated given the complexity and variety of the product range. Moreover, KlimaVerde wants to continue to approach its customers personally.

To overview


KlimaVerde is an organization that specializes in air and water heat pumps for hot water supplies and the heating and cooling of homes or projects. With the all-in-one care package, they offer individuals and businesses the opportunity to completely unburden yourself with just one package.

The organization needed a website that would allow them to easily manage their online product range. A user-friendly CMS was therefore required. In addition, there was a desire to reflect the corporate identity through the website in a unique way.

We developed a web design based on several discussions. Because the organization indicated that they would like to use an easy to manage CMS, we chose WordPress. This gives KlimaVerde the opportunity to easily manage their offering. They can add or remove products themselves.

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