Corporate identity & web design

We developed a unique and recognizable corporate identity for the Together app that will be launched later this year. Of course this also includes a responsive website in the form of a one-pager.

To overview

Meet & Go!

The Together App is a social app that puts people back in touch with each other. Based on your own interests, you are paired with like-minded people. The app introduces two new people to you every day, after which you are sent out with a discount code from one of the affiliated partners.

Together App needed a corporate identity that perfectly matched its ambitious strategy. The app also wanted a website where potential partners could easily find out how the app works. It was expected that over 95% of visitors will view the website on mobile version.

Corporate identity & web design

Using interviews, we mapped out the organization with different models. Then we went to work on developing the corporate identity and logo for the app. In the logo, we chose to reflect connecting people, as well as the T of Together.

To develop the website, we chose to start a multi-year process. For the first phase, we chose to build a one-pager in which the three steps (Sign Up, Meet, Go!) could be understood by everyone. Together App had the desire to have a vertical scroll integrated.

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