What colors do psychologically for your website

Having a website created sounds very simple, but there is more to it than meets the eye. When designing your web design, the use of color is very important. You have probably seen that colors have a meaning. For example, colors are often associated with emotions. Everyone knows that the color red is the color of love, but there is more psychology behind colors. Why this is valuable to know before you start with the web design we would like to tell you.

To overview

The psychology behind colors

Colors unconsciously evoke associations, which can have different effects on the visitors of your website. It is of course very valuable to understand which colors have which effect. We explain the 7 (seven) most common colors including what emotions and associations these colors evoke.


As mentioned before, red is the color of love. But why? Red is a color that evokes urgency and is quickly noticed. It stands for warmth and strength. Moreover, it makes our heart rate accelerate. It stimulates us to take action. 


Blue works on people more mentally. It stands for reliability, communication and effectiveness. In addition, the color blue represents depth and stability. But the color blue is also associated with loyalty, wisdom, truth and faith. 


Like blue, the color orange stimulates mental activity. Orange is commonly associated with energy, cheerfulness, warmth and friendships. Moreover, it is a very accepted color among young people. 


Often considered a negative color, black actually evokes a sense of security. The color black represents wisdom and efficiency; very corporate. It evokes a sense of seriousness. 


Not surprisingly, but true: white stands for a certain tranquility. Often, white is also used to maintain overview and tranquility. Not for nothing that the (background) color on which this blog is placed is white. It gives a clean and hygienic impression.  


Yellow, like red, also grabs attention quickly. The color yellow is associated with positive qualities and optimism. But self-confidence and creativity also fit with yellow. However, yellow is a color that can also be counterproductive if you use it too much. So be careful!


Green stands for a certain balance and refreshment. It stands for peace and radiates tranquility. The color green can be most easily processed by the eyes because it is in the middle of the color spectrum. 

Color combination in web design

You may have noticed that in a good web design one or two colors are always used as primary. In addition, one or two secondary colors are always chosen for backgrounds, texts and lines, for example. In order to establish this combination even better, characterization of your brand is recommended. Moreover, this is an important part of your branding. In this way you can make the web design almost perfectly match your brand identity and target group. Wondering how to get it really perfect? We’ll tell you about that later in another blog.