Web design September inspiration 2021

Are you looking for inspiration for your web design? Of course it’s cool to make your own website unique. But how do you come up with these ideas? Sometimes you need a little help to find inspiration. We’ve listed 6 cool designs from September 2021 to give you a push in the right direction.

To overview

Eurovision Village 2021

The first of its kind: the 3D virtual Eurovision Song Contest Rotterdam 2021. The idea of the organization: if the world can’t come to Rotterdam, then Rotterdam will come to the world! This website gives a cool impression of what’s possible nowadays. Definitely worth a visit, even if you’re not a Eurovision Song Contest fan.


The official website of Martin Garrix

As an artist you need a website nowadays. This is nice and clear for your fans. So you can sell merchandise, sell tickets and post songs and then link them to the famous streaming services. Martin Garrix thought differently and had a very cool website built. His recognizable logo appears several times in the website in the form of grids and effects.


The game Vroom

Vroom is the newest racing game from Obstacle Racing. The game is all about being able to take different paths to avoid obstacles. They have translated this perfectly into the website, in which a lot of interaction takes place. Definitely worth a look.


Bot Bottle on the Table

Wondering how you can play with hover and transition effects in your website? Then this website might be worth checking out. You’ll be surprised how you can make a real impact with actually a fairly simple site. This is another site that will stay with your visitors for a long time.


Website of 30UA

If you do not yet know how you are going to deliver your upcoming presentations, take a look at the website of 30UA. They tell the storyline of the past 30 years in Ukraine in an organized way. Moreover, this is a nice source of inspiration of what is possible online. Although the color combination can still be discussed.



Finally, the website of Neontri. Neontri is one of the leaders of the Fintech industry in Poland. A new website was an important part of the visual identity rebranding process. This website is another great source of inspiration. Not necessarily because the site looks so great, but for the fact that they have the logo reflected in the site in a unique way.

Check out the website at this link.

Webdesign under development

Need a web design company? You can! Read in this earlier blog how important good web design is. But there is probably more to it than meets the eye. What is your goal with developing a web design? For example, do you want to generate more conversions? Depending on your wishes we can develop a user experience design or a user interface design. Let’s get to know each other!