The 3 most important e-commerce developments

We are in the midst of the digital age where everything we want is just a click away. Everything is delivered to our door at our convenience. At least for your groceries, food, clothes and gadgets you don’t have to leave the door. The e-commerce industry keeps growing. It is now predicted that sales in this sector will reach 6.54 trillion by the end of 2023. There is no longer any doubt that e-commerce is here to stay. And it’s developing every minute of every day!

To overview

What many people don’t understand is that having a simple website built is not the way to sell your products today. Being part of a dynamic industry, as e-commerce is, requires multiple updates per day where you anticipate the latest trends and developments. We’ve listed a few trends for you in this blog.

Voice search

Since we have become part of a world filled with elements like Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, our lives have become very different and in many ways easier than they used to be. These solutions make a huge difference in our lives by helping us exchange “typing in” for “speaking out.” Coincidentally, this is one of the most talked about trends in the vast world of e-commerce. In addition, the voice search feature provides a better customer experience. As a result, you will (in the future) reap the benefits for your ranking in Google (SEO).

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is now an essential tool for online businesses to achieve their revenue and growth goals. Marketing automation allows you to manage marketing processes and run campaigns automatically. Once you combine this with e-commerce, you get the perfect recipe for optimizing the user experience. You can also easily create automated marketing campaigns that are specifically tailored to your target audience. This way, you can effectively serve your audience.

Make no mistake about what marketing automation is all about. It goes far beyond automated social media posts and automating email marketing. It has moved into custom landing pages and accessible shopping carts to optimize the customer experience (user experience design).

Social Payments

Life has never been easier online. At least it seems that way. With today’s online shopping experiences, it was imperative for retail to improve its payment options. Social payments are the perfect option for this. Of course, all to improve the user experience. Visitors today can check-out using their social media platform(s). Think for example of Facebook check-out, your Google account or Apple Pay.

Wondering what other options there are for optimizing the user experience of your website or webshop? We are happy to invite you to our office in Amsterdam.