Create wireframes for your website

Wireframes, in our opinion, are indispensable when creating a website or web application. After you have designed the site structure, wireframing is the next step in achieving a good web design. Wireframing is like digitally line sketching the website. You could compare wireframing to a construction drawing, in which you visualize the components of a website.

To overview

What are wireframes? 

So wireframes are sketches of a website. It is part of user experience design and user interface design. In wireframing, the focus is mainly on the functionalities and layout. The site structure has already been outlined at an earlier stage. Therefore, the focus during wireframing is more on the layout and functionalities of the website. Later in the web design process, you will focus more on the look and feel. 

The focus with a wireframe is mainly on: 

  • Functionality
  • Layout
  • Navigation 
  • Structure

Why create wireframes? 

Wireframing the pages of your website has the advantage that you can easily make adjustments to the layout. For example, no hours have been spent on the details of the design during wireframing. Because it is a visual process, you can also use it as a communication tool, creating interaction. 

Before you start wireframing, it is important that you have the site structure figured out. This way you know what navigation you need to take into account in the menu for example. Moreover, this way you also know which pages need to be designed. Next, you can start with the digital wireframing. 

Ways of wireframing 

There are several ways of wireframing. You can use pen and paper as usual, but you can also use one of the Adobe programs. For example Photoshop, Sketch or Illustrator. Are you looking for a free alternative? You can find plenty of alternatives on Google! 

The next step 

After you create wireframes for your website and they have been approved, start on the web design. Here you put the focus more on the look and feel. To develop a rock-solid web design, now let elements from your branding come back. In this process you will find that most of the time is spent. If you want to have the process of developing a web design done right, then we recommend you to let an experienced and professional web design agency do it.