The neuroscience behind branding

When you have worked hard to set up a great company, you naturally want others to see and remember your company. That is why it is important that as a company you first stand out and then be remembered. People are more likely to choose products or companies that they recognize than companies that are unknown to them. In branding, we focus on how we can give companies more exposure and stay in someone’s memory for longer. Human memory therefore plays an important role for the success of your company!

To overview

What information do we remember?

During the day, your brain is constantly processing stimuli and actively remembering or forgetting information. Information that is judged as extra stimulating takes longer to process and is more quickly labeled by the brain as important information. One form of complex information is information that is received by several senses at the same time and enters the brain through different nerve channels. Another form of complex information is when both hemispheres of the brain are stimulated and work together to take in the information.

The difference in brain hemispheres

Our brains actually consist of two halves (hemispheres) that can function independently of each other. The hemispheres are connected to each other through the corpus callosum so that information entering the left hemisphere is passed on to the right and vice versa. Although our left and right hemispheres look identical from the outside, they are better at processing other types of information.

left half

In general, your left hemisphere is better at processing language, logic, reasoning, mathematics, and analytical skills. Logical thinking on an abstract level is therefore mainly the result of our left hemisphere.

Right half

On the other hand, our right hemisphere is more responsible for our imagination, creativity, musicality and spatial awareness. The ability to express ourselves in a non-verbal way is thus a result of our right hemisphere.

Branding and information that sticks

As mentioned before; We remember complex information better. Because we can often provide mainly visual and auditory information with branding, it is important that information must be processed by both hemispheres of the brain. With the use of rhyme (rhythm), colour, animation or music, we can better remember factual abstract information. With children this is used in the form of all kinds of mnemonics and informative songs, but this is also an important phenomenon in branding. We at Mediabirds like to use our knowledge and expertise to help our companies become unforgettable.